Hair Styling Tools

Growing a Business to Over $1M rev in the Past 8 Months

US-based, 30 years+ established brand selling premium hair brushes and hot tools, made by professionals for both regular customers and professional stylists.

By introducing a mix of weekly creatives and audience testing, we were able to maintain a high ROAS even at a larger scale. The main priority was to spend majority of the budget on cold traffic thus leading to more new customers. We did not forget about retargeting either where we generated high volume of sales at great ROAS as well

The cold traffic generated from Facebook Ads did improve the performance of Google Ads, Organic Traffic and Email marketing too.

We've tested a lot of single interest audiences, such as competitor's brand, different hairstyles and techniques, famous stylists and saloon owners.

After we found winner interests we started to stack them under one adset. We did the same with value-based lookalike audiences, and started to do vertical scaling

26% Increase in Year to Date Revenue

~ 5% Conversion Rate

22% Increase in the Number of Orders

x7+ ROAS using a mix of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and E-Mail Marketing

Successful Scale While Maintaining a High ROAS - 22% Increase in Total Spend Year to Date