Handmade Leather Bags

US-based brand selling handcrafted luxury women bags, scaled successfully running only Facebook Ads from 2021 to 2022 using a mix of different creative variants and audience targeting tests.

Constantly testing creatives proved to be a very significant step in the scaling process of this account. After finding winner creatives, the audience testing went a lot smoother and produced better overall results.

Well-rounded targeting - we've tested a lot of different interest-based audiences separately, such as international brands and famous fashion figures, and then also used stacking for winner interests and value-based lookalike audiences.

236% Increase in Year to Date Revenue

34% Increase in the Conversion Rate

202% Increase in the Number of Orders

x4.5+ Store ROAS using only Facebook Ads in 2022

239% Increase in Spend and Successful Scale

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