Toy/Replica Store - after iOS 14 impact

UK-based brand selling handcrafted electronic toys/replicas, launched in 2020 seen an incredible growth even after the iOS 14 update.

The goal for this project was to achieve a bigger market share, profitably. Our core mission is always to scale a brand without risking profits. In this case we achieved this target and got the business to the next level.

The biggest roadblock and uncertainty was when iOS 14 was launched, for that period we had to reduce budget to stabilize campaigns, but going into Q4 we started to push hard and closed the year with positive results.

145% Increase in YoY Revenue

29% Increase for AOV

85% Increase in the Number of Orders

Over x3+ Store ROAS

26% lower Returning Customer Rate (the goal at this stage being the acquisition of new customers)

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